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About us

Upon moving from Chicago to New Orleans, Erimas Alemu realized there was nowhere to eat Ethiopian food in New Orleans. Cafe Abyssinia was open, six years after Hurricane Katrina in November 2011. It’s a hole-in-the-wall restaurant located at 3511 Magazine Street in New Orleans.

Ermias Alemu said, “We’ll eat like this at home, but there was nowhere for Americans to come to try Ethiopian cuisine in New Orleans”. For many of the guests experiencing Cafe Abyssinia, for the first time or as repeat customers, what impresses and fascinates them the most is not only the exciting flavors, excellent service, and exotic traditions of Ethiopia but also the experience of communal “family-style” hand-eaten meals shared among family and friends. Cafe Abyssinia has a vast menu of Ethiopian culinary delights, utilizing the freshest ingredients to bring Ethiopian dishes straight to your table. Entrees include a selection of beef, chicken, lamb, and vegetable dishes, and a basket of neatly folded injera on the side. The staple of Ethiopian cuisine is injera, a flat, spongy bread that also serves as an eating utensil. We invite you to experience the flavors of Addis Ababa.